Is It Legal To Sell Your Unregistered Car

Is It Legal To Sell Your Unregistered Car

If you have an unregistered car that you would like to sell and are wondering whether it is legal to do so? The little answer is yes. It is legal to sell your unrecorded car without a protection certificate.

That said, there are inside work and documents that need to be in order to make sure a complete and legal car sale when selling an unregistered vehicle.

The Process To Sell An Unregistered Car?

Selling an unregistered car is legal in your region, the sale will have to guide the rule set up by the region Government. The Government requires that certain pertinent information is provided at the time of the sale to ensure there are no difficulty or inconsistency in the future concerning the legality of the sale.

If you are looking & interested in selling your unregistered car, make sure you have the following information:

  • Date of the sale.
  • Make’s & model of the vehicle being sold.
  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), chassis number or the engine number.
  • Paperwork & documentation Signature from both the involved parties (buyer and seller).

Always preferable to double check your paperwork to make sure all the requisite information has been provided.


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